Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things of Beauty

So finally, I will join the rest of the craft world and create a blog where I can share my work, the work of artists I admire, and daily inspirations (my husband says that everything seems to inspire me in one way or another). So many blogs and so many creative people out there! Perhaps someone will stumble upon my blog as I have onto many others before.

I am an artist and teacher living in Baltimore. While I do love teaching little ones about art, I crave a time when I can work solely on my little business, Sugar Paperie. I create modern greeting cards using new and found materials. A natural collector, I seem to have made it my mission to rescue all things pretty. Because I adore old things and the history that they reveal, I love hunting for vintage materials and incorporating them into my cards.

My passion for handcrafting small treasures began in the days of Highlights Magazine. With the arrival of a fresh issue, I'd flip excitedly to the pages that revealed the DIY craft section. Humble objects like paper plates, popsicle sticks, spools of thread and empty film canisters (remember those?!) would be transformed into fantastical masks, doll house furniture, and other utilitarian objects for my young self.

Today I continue to find a new purpose for discarded, yet lovely materials. My handcrafted cards contain both new and vintage fabrics, papers, ribbons, buttons, maps, books, and other adornments. Because my supplies are ever changing, each card is one-of-a-kind and of a limited edition.

Indeed, a handwritten well-wish is a genuine gesture and a thing of beauty. And while technology is a wonderful thing, there is something sweet and romantic about receiving an addressed envelope written especially for you.