Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For the Home: Home Anthology

One of my best kept secrets is no more, but I'm okay with it. You see, one of my favorite sources for home furnishings and groovy sculptural objects was featured in the Baltimore Magazine's Best of Baltimore.

Years before we were homeowners, I stumbled upon a mecca of mid-century home goods. The shop was Home Anthology and it began in a gorgeous loft space in Oella Mill. Time has passed, the mill has filled with fancy condominiums, and Home Anthology has moved closer to that house of mine that I always dreamed of filling with a mix of mid-century & traditional wares.
photo courtesy of Home Anthology

Tucked back in an unassuming warehouse-esque strip mall, Home Anthology is located in Catonsville. Opened only on weekends, the shop owners spend the rest of their week scouring estate sales and yard sales all over the country. Sounds to me like the perfect life to lead!

I have a history here, as the quiet girl who comes in to browse, measure furniture, and dream. Once, I spotted a 12 piece place setting of the famed Eva Zeisel Hallcraft for a song. Being the sensible person that I am (a white lie when it comes to antiques, I'm afraid), I went home to 'think about it' and called my mom to tell her that I found the perfect wedding gift for her to purchase for my husband and I. I got the a-ok and frankly, my heart stopped until the collection was in my hands. Ironically, that wedding day was 4 years ago today!

Home Anthology is filled with clean mid-century designs, from furniture and lamps to art objects. If you can't make it into the store, check out their website. It's filled with beautiful things, just promise to leave me a few of them!

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