Thursday, October 6, 2011

Collections: Eva Zeisel Pottery

At the age of 105 (that's right!), designer and potter Eva Zeisel is still rockin' it. Zeisel began her career as a mid-century potter who designed everyday dishware for companies such as Hall, Sears, and Red Wing China to name just a few. These days, she keeps ever so busy collaborating with young companies like Klein Reid and Design Within Reach.
This little teapot started it all. I bought this in my teens at the Shipshewana Fleamarket for a mere $14. Drew and I scored a place setting for 12 at Home Anthology and it became a wedding gift from my mom.
Ebay has helped me with the rest of my collection.

I scored a pair of these Schmoo shakers from a little thrift shop in my hometown. While crazed and perfectly imperfect, they cost me 50 cents. A collector's dream!
While her pottery is highly collectible, Crate and Barrel has re-issued her 1952 Classic Century line, making beautiful design available to the masses.

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