Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend in the Studio - Hooray!

This week, my adventurous husband has tapped into his inner Hemingway character. While he is spending 5 days traveling solo down the Chesapeake Bay, I will be relishing in my solitude, working in the studio (and to be quite honest, making a mess of the entire house). I go wild when he leaves for a few days. Any clear tabletop falls victim to my craftiness. The glitter comes out, ribbons come unwound, and I get super productive.
This weekend it's just me and my music, coffee, and binders filled with inspiration. My plan includes creating some mini art pieces for the holiday show season. I'm bursting with ideas and excitement. I hope to have some new work to share soon. Stay tuned!


foybookworm said...

sounds great! did you actually get things accomplished or are you like me, good intentions, no action?!! Hopefully you were successful! Are you posting what you made?

sugar paperie said...

I did have a great weekend, although time flies when you're having fun. I do hope to post some new work soon!